Theta 4/5

Welcome back for another big term of learning and excitement.

We will be busy rehearsing for our upcoming school musical ‘Beauty and the Beast'.

Our writing focus for this term is ‘informative texts'. We will be learning to write information reports and explanations.

Our science unit is called ‘Magnetic Moves'.  It provides opportunities for students to explore how magnets exert a force on certain objects and how that force affects the object. Through hands-on activities, students will identify the materials that magnets attract, their poles and magnetic fields, the distance at which they act, and how the pull of magnetism is different from the pull of gravity.

Our history unit will be completed during library lessons with Mrs Rhodes on a Monday afternoon. The topic this term is ‘Explorers'.

Theta will also be doing some comprehension with Mrs Webb, utilising BTN and answering questions based on what they have watched.

We look forward to another exciting term with Theta 4/5.


Mrs McQueen and Mrs Griffiths