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Dear Phi 1 Parents,                                                                           Term 4


I cannot believe we are in the final term of the year and what a wonderful year it has been for me with your children. Phi students certainly showed their resilience and adaptability last term with the changes from working in the Technology room, having the daily use of the computers, and then returning back into the Phi classroom once the roof had been completed. As much as we all loved the computers it was certainly nice to be back in our own room again.


In Term 4 there will be some changes to routine for the Phi students:


Literacy Groups: This term, Literacy groups will run Monday through to Thursday mornings from 9.15-10.25am. However, Monday morning will only be from 9.15-10am as the students have Library at 10.10am. Parent and grandparent helpers are very valued and if your commitments have changed from last term, and you are now available, your help would be much appreciated in the classrooms. You may come for the whole hour or any available time you can spare.  Please advise me if you are available to help during our literacy group times. In this allocated literacy time, the students will be doing:


* Reading and Comprehension activities

* Writing - Term 3 we will be learning to write Imaginative texts following the Seven Steps to Writing. The children very much enjoy writing sizzling starts for Imaginative writing.

* Spelling/Grammar activities


Home readers are available in the classroom for the children to change when they have completed a book. The children are also encouraged to read chapter books, magazines, recipe books and other reading material they have at home or from their local library. Remember to record all reading in their Home Reader Diaries. Students now have access to Wushka at home which they may use for Home readers.


Numeracy:  We will continue our hands-on TEN program (Targeting Early Numeracy), where learning takes place using a variety of concrete materials and fun activities. In Space and Measurement we will be looking at Time, Mass, Chance/Data and Position.


Library/History: Mrs Rhodes will have the students for Library on Monday mornings and in this time she will be teaching the History topic ‘Technology and Change'.


Science:  Mrs Webb will have the class on Wednesday middle session. In Science, they will be investigating a new topic: ‘Bend It, Stretch It'.


PD/H/PE: This term in Personal Development and Health we will be covering Drug Education and in PE the children will be participating in PE rounds on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.


Creative and Performing Arts: Term 4 the students will continue to be involved in singing at Infants Assemblies which will now be on Thursday afternoons. The students will learn songs and dances to entertain us at Presentation Day and MADD night both in December.

Art and craft activities occur in the classroom usually based on our Science, History and Christmas themes.


Homework will begin in Week 1 and is now due in for marking Thursday and no later than Friday.


Reminder: Mathletics, Wushka and Spelling City are available online for students to complete at home.


Other activities occurring this term include:


Remember, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always ready to speak with you about your child.