Kindergarten KB


This year we have 19 students in KB. The teachers are Mrs L Budden (Monday-Thursday) and Mrs J Vallin on Fridays.

We share a common philosophy of teaching. We believe that constant nurturing and promoting the love of learning is crucial to the teacher's role. To be effective teachers, we believe we must be active learners ourselves, constantly modelling this for the children.

We will strive to provide learning experiences that are relevant, challenging and interesting. We will promote an environment where it is acceptable to make mistakes in order to learn and provide a learning environment that is supportive and encouraging. We want all students in KB to feel worthwhile and valued.

Early Stage One Team

Mrs Salena Langholz (K/1 and Assistant Principal)

Mrs Lisa Budden (KB)

Mr Gary Hughes (KH)

Mrs Arlene Webb (Science/ STEM RFF)

Mrs Laura Rhodes (Library/ HSIE)

Mrs Jan Audet – Learning Support 

Key Learning Areas

To provide students with a broad and balanced education K-6, the curriculum is defined in terms of 6 Key Learning Areas.

Literacy: Includes shared reading, D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read) Guided Reading (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) sight words, guided writing, handwriting and talking and listening activities. Parental assistance during guided reading is most appreciated.

Mathematics: We take a ‘hands on' approach providing lots of opportunities for problem-solving and play using concrete materials. We support this learning by using resources that utilise the interactive whiteboard. We also source relevant and challenging activities from a broad range of mathematical resources.

Science: This term the students are studying Weather In My World

History:  Personal and Family History "When We Were Babies"

PD/H/PE: In PE the students will participate in fitness activities with a focus on athletic skills. PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sport is on Friday. In Personal Development the students will participate in a K-2 Play Program and complete a unit on Drug Education.

Creative Arts: During Term Two the students will be focussing on visual arts and drama with a link to literacy and texts studied by the class.

General Information

·         Please supply a note explaining any absences from school.

·         Please collect a slip from the office when arriving late or picking up your child early as class rolls are marked electronically.

·         Please ensure all money and notes are placed in a clearly marked envelope and delivered to the front office.

·         Each child has several classroom duties/tasks or responsibilities.

·         Desks are re-arranged on a regular basis to assist the development of social and networking skills.  Children who wear glasses are situated close to the IWB.


Parents/ Caregivers Can Assist In a Number Of Ways At Home:

·         Encouraging your child to read nightly

·         Reviewing the sounds taught in class each week.

Upcoming Dates

Teddy Bears Picnic: May 21st

Athletics Carnival: June 29th

Naidoc Week celebrations: 4th July

Mrs Vallin and Mrs Budden are very excited about the term ahead.