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Omega Kindergarten 2017


Welcome to Term 4. My aim is to continue to encourage the best learning from all students and to differentiate my tasks to cater for diversity in learning styles. We will continue to laugh, sing, joke, relax and remember to enjoy our educational learning. There is so much to learn before Year 1 next year!


Literacy /English

We will complete the ‘Jolly Phonics' Program this term and continue developing phonemic awareness through rhyming and segmenting sounds. We will be learning about the concepts of print, developing our early reading skills and fundamental sentence structure. We will continue to write explicitly and will be experiencing and interacting with a wide range of quality literacy sources. Our new program surrounds the concepts of ‘Seven Steps to Writing' and the children are extending ideas and using sizzling starts in writing. We will be concentrating on writing Imaginative texts.

Guided Reading still runs from 9:40 to 10:05 and we always welcome parental helpers. Thank you to our regular helpers who gracelessly volunteer their time to assist our reading groups. Our literacy rotations begin at 10:15 and include, familiar reading, Jolly Phonics stencil work, sight word recognition, handwriting, fine motor and spelling activities. A note has been sent home outlining our NEWS topics for the term.


Numeracy /Mathematics

Mathematics will be taught explicitly through hands on activities, concrete materials and Targeted Early Numeracy games (TEN). We will be covering lots of strands of Maths including Whole number, Time, Position, 2D/3D shapes, Data, Length, Fractions, Multiplication and Division, Mass, Area and Patterns and Algebra. The children love using Rainforest Maths and Sunshine Online to consolidate their learning.



Mrs Webb will be teaching a Science unit ‘What's it made of' and the children are enjoying the diversity of educational knowledge. The class will complete hands on activities exploring a variety of materials.


HSIE History

This term we will be studying ‘Celebrations around the World'. We will extend our knowledge of various customs and cultures.


Creative and Practical Arts

This will include music, art, drama and dance. Each Thursday we attend an Infants Assembly where we learn songs, rhymes and prepare for whole school performances. We are preparing for our K/2 singers performance and learning new Christmas songs ready for Presentation Day.


PE, PD, and Health

This term we will continue with our Gross Motor program running on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:45 till 2:05pm. We will be using locomotor skills such as throwing, catching jumping, landing and rotating. We will continue studying nutrition and lessons about making healthy life style choices. In PDH we will cover our mandatory Drug Education lessons and learning important knowledge through activities.


Homework is important and is encouraged to be returned with their daily home readers everyday. There will be variations in format which will include activities like spelling, Jolly Phonics, sight word revision and home reading. 

This term we will revise more difficult sight words on a weekly basis and be assessing them on Fridays. We also will work on CVC words and blending sounds to make new words. Please encourage your child to form their letters correctly.


Dates for the calendar

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Remember, if your ever have a query concerning the education of your child please don't hesitate in contacting me at school or ring to make an appointment.


Yours in learning,


Jan Vallin