Our class is made up of 29 truly wonderful students, most of whom demonstrate sensational leadership skills.
The term 1 literacy focus is on the theme 'war and conflict', with the students looking at poetry, propaganda posters, and the novel 'Once' by Morris Gleitzman. The teaching focus is on the concepts of Analysing, Evaluating and Characterisation. 
Each student in the class has access to a laptop. We use Google Classroom to collaborate and research. This helps us to keep track of our project requirements and even complete work at home if necessary. 
The teachers differentiate learning to accommodate for the range of needs in the classroom. Each child is working towards their individual learning goals.
We love to celebrate success.
Students in our class are extended and supported not only by our regular teachers but also through special intervention from Mr Finlay, Mrs Audet, Mrs Harkin and Professor Harold.
Mr Shane Bransdon and Mrs Clare Smith