Welcome to Epsilon 2C where the children will be entering their second year of Stage 1. 


My teaching philosophy is to have a safe learning environment where the children can prosper and take challenges in their learning without the fear of making mistakes. I believe we will have a fabulous year of learning together.


Our 2C team will consist of:

Mrs Salena Langholz (Assistant Principal)

Mr Evan Finlay (Science/ STEM RFF) and Intervention

Mrs Laura Rhodes (Library/ HSIE)

Mrs Jan Audet – Learning Support and Intervention


Literacy: Literacy Groups continues every week on Tuesday through to Friday mornings from 9.20-10.30am. During this time, we do reading to group, partner and self, sight word drill and games, guided writing and spelling, language and grammar activities. Parent and grandparent helpers are very valued and if your commitments have changed from last term, and you are now available your help would be much appreciated in the classrooms.


Home readers are available in the classroom for the children to change when they have completed a book. The children are also encouraged to read chapter books, magazines, recipe books and other reading material they have at home or from their local library. Remember to record all reading in their Home Reader Diaries.


Numeracy:  We will continue our ‘hands on' TEN program (Targeting Early Numeracy), where learning and problem solving takes place using a variety of concrete materials and fun activities. This term we will be covering: the following topics:

Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions – halves and quarters, 3D shapes, Data, Time – half and quarter of an hour and Length.


Geography:  Mrs Rhodes will be teaching them about the topic, ‘Weather' during their Library time on Wednesdays.


Science: Mr Finlay will have the class on Wednesday during the middle session where the children will be investigating a new Science topic: ‘Mix It Up.


PD/H/PE: In Personal Development the students will participate in a K-2 Play Program. In PE the students will participate in fitness activities in a circuit rotation with a focus on fundamental movement skills, games and Cross-Country practice. PE is on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Creative and Performing Arts: This term the students will continue to be involved in singing at Infants Assemblies on Monday afternoons. Art and craft activities occur in the classroom usually based on our Science and Geography topics.


Library: Is on Wednesday with Mrs Rhodes. Premier Reading Challenge books can be entered online including those books read in class and library time.


Homework will begin in Week 6 for those students who have selected to opt in. A note has been sent home who homework suggestions for those students. All students are expected to be doing home reading every night and I will be marking their Home readers on a Thursday.

Reminder: Mathletics and Spelling City are available online for students to complete at home.


Other activities occurring this term include:


Remember, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always ready to speak with you about your child.


My email address is: kathryn.church@det.nsw.edu.au


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