Alpha 2

Term 3 in Alpha – 2017

Welcome back to Term 2 in Alpha. Mrs Thomas and Mrs Lapornik are excited to share with you the details for an exciting Term 3!

This term we will be looking at texts that inform. Alpha will view and compose a range of non-fictional informative texts such as information reports and instructional texts. Students are encouraged to take note of the ‘News Topics' for this term which will coincide with this theme.

Students are encouraged to log on to WUSHKA using their log on passwords for home reading this term. There is a library of levelled readers for the students to work through with activities and games.

In Numeracy we will continue our hands on TENs program (Targeting Early Numeracy) and work on solving word problems using addition and subtraction. We will be working with fractions and dividing objects into quarters and eighths.

This term students will have the opportunity to advance their skills in gymnastics on Mondays in the hall. Games and sport will take place during PE time on a Wednesday.

Mrs Audet will be teaching Science on Thursday and be exploring the topic of ‘Living Things- Watch it Grow'.

Our class item will be the 28th July in the afternoon assembly. Alpha cannot wait to sing and show off their amazing ‘cup skills'.

We are very excited to announce our plans to take Infants to Taronga Zoo later this term, don't forget to return your note!

And of course, our school is working hard to prepare for our whole school musical performance of ‘Beauty and The Beast' for the end of this term! Alpha will be performing ‘Be Our Guest' as part of the K-2 singing group. Stay tuned for tickets!


What a busy and exciting term ahead, we cannot wait to get started!

Mrs Lapornik and Mrs Thomas.


A few reminders:

-          Library borrowing is TUESDAY

-          Homework due on THURSDAY (although we always welcome Mentals to be handed in earlier if completed)

-           Its cold and flu season…. We appreciate your donation of tissues at this time!

-          Mrs Lapornik and Mrs Thomas welcome parent feedback or questions at any time. Please also do not hesitate to email at


Term 3 News Topics


·         delivers short oral presentations to peers (ACELY 1647)

·         responds to simple questions


·         formulates open and closed questions appropriate to the context


·         makes short presentations using some introduced text structures and language (ACELY 1657)

·         rehearses and delivers short presentations on familiar and new topics

·         explains personal opinions orally using supporting reasons

·         demonstrate active listening behaviours







holiday news


My favourite zoo animal is ………..


Share your favourite book about a zoo animal.


free choice


Should animals be kept in zoos?


If I could have a zoo animal for a pet I'd choose…….. because……………………..


free choice


Teach us about an endangered animal. You can use a website, make a powerpoint, use a book etc.


Make up some ‘who am I?' riddles for the class about animals. Try to think of some unusual animals.



free choice



Alpha's Classroom Agreement:

In Alpha we sound like:

In Alpha we look like:

In Alpha we feel like:

Encouraging words





Friends Getting Along

Happy faces

Organised and ready to learn

Respect for others



Proud of our achievements