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Applications for student travel 2016

From 2 November 2015, a new online SSTS application process is being introduced for schools within the Opal network, coinciding with the introduction of the School Opal card. Schools outside the Opal network should continue to process the existing blue SSTS application forms and send them to the appropriate transport operators. Most parents, guardians and students won't need to apply for a school travel pass for 2016 if they have already been given a school student travel pass for the current year. These will be automatically sent to the... Read more

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Redhead Public School Funding for 2016

The Resource Allocation Model of funding recognises that schools are not "one size fits all"; they have different needs and require different levels of funding. It also provides a simpler, fairer and more transparent distribution of government school funding. The powerpoint below shows the level of funding support for our school in 2016. Funding allocation 2016 (pptx 1179 KB) Funds are allocated as a part of our school planning process. Our school evaluations / Kidsmatter team has a range of community members and staff members. This... Read more

Kidsmatter Launch - A great success!

Our whole school community was involved in the launch of our school as a Kidsmatter School. Students participated in a range of activities that provided a range of skills to assist them with positive mental health. One of the activities involved students creating their own snow response to assisting our students settle their mind through watching the glitter in the snow globe settle. There is a great You Tube clip, titled "Just Breathe." Here is the link. Newcastle Herald wrote an... Read more

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2016 school funding allocations

All NSW public schools are currently being advised of their 2016 Resource Allocation Model (RAM) funding. RAM distributes funding based on individual needs of students and schools, and gives schools greater flexibility to make financial decisions. The way schools use their RAM funding will vary based on local needs. Some support will be for the entire school, and some will be for particular groups of students or individual students. There is an overview document about the RAM available on the Department of Education website. If you would like... Read more

Kidsmatter Launch Friday 23 October

Kids matter at Redhead Public School On the 23rd of October Redhead Public School will be holding a whole school event to celebrate mental health month. The school is launching Kidsmatter, a school-wide approach to children's mental health and wellbeing for primary schools. A day of activities has been organised to help students develop strategies for their mental wellbeing. The day will involve the community coming together to support one another. A local artist will help students create a mural, a local choreographer has created a dance... Read more

School Holiday Dates

Please see attached calendar for school term and holiday dates for 2016-2020.School Holiday Dates (pdf 359 KB)... Read more

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Changes - Week 4, term 3

Week 4 changes (docx 466 KB)Due to illness the disco on Wednesday has been postponed and the soccer gala day has been cancelled. Please see attached note for more details... Read more

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Athletics Carnival - today

Our Athletics Carnival will proceed today. We will endeavour to get through as many events as possible. Canteen open for snacks from 11.00. Coffee van on site from 10.30... Read more

Welcome to Term 3

We are looking forward to welcoming our students for term 3 on Tuesday 14 July. At our morning assembly Mrs Christie Johnson, our exchange teacher from New York State USA, will be introduced to our school community. She is very excited about meeting everyone, especially the students in Gamma. On Monday 13 July all staff are involved in professional learning at Kahibah Public School. Teachers will be back at school after 12.30 pm. All our adminstration staff are attending professional learning for the whole day. Apologies in advance, if people... Read more

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Whooping Cough

We have had a confirmed case of Whooping Cough within our school community. Please see attached flyer for more information. Whooping Cough (pdf 36 KB)... Read more

Athletics Carnival Postponed

The Athletics Carnival will be postponed until Term 3. Our running track and field is unsafe to hold events today.... Read more

Athletics Carnival Canteen Order Form

The school athletics carnival is Friday 26 June. Pre-ordered Recess and Lunch will be available on the day. Orders need to be completed by Monday 22 June. Canteen order form (pdf 86 KB)... Read more

Netball Gala day postponed

Due to wet weather, the Netball Gala Day has been postponed. The new date for this event is next Wednesday, 24 June.... Read more

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Stage 2 Camp

We are expecting our happy campers back at school at 2.30pm. The buses will park in Burns Street. Please leave space for the buses to park if you arrive early. We will use garbage bins to mark the space that we require. All students will take their gear and go to the hall. After the rolls are checked, if parents/ carers wish they can take their child/ children home. If there is a change in time the website will be updated. Thank you in advance for your support... Read more

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Zone Cross Country Carnival

Zone Cross Country carnival is going ahead today.... Read more

Canteen Closed

Please note that the school canteen is closed for the rest of this week. Please make sure you send your children with lunch and recess.... Read more

Temporary Class Organisation

It was great to see all of our students and staff happy to have our first learning day for Term 2 this morning. Thank you to our school community for their understanding with the changes that we have had to make as a result of damage due to the recent storms. For most of our students they are in their regular class groups and class rooms. The following changes have been made due to four learning spaces being not available due to water damage. Sigma and Omega are in the library Year 6 are in the technology centre Year 5 are in Lambda Year 4 are... Read more

We are operational on Monday 27 April

Thank you to our school community for showing understanding in our need to ensure the safety of our students and staff in the recent significant storm event. We will be operational on Monday 27 April. Please read the attachment which will share with you our arrangements that will commence on Monday. We are looking forward to seeing everyone's smiling faces again. Welcome back (docx 2125 KB)... Read more

Redhead Public School non-operational 21/4/15

Safety of students and staff is our priority. Due to extreme weather, Redhead Public School is non-operational today, Tuesday 21 April.... Read more

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Cross Country K-2 - postponed

Another rainy day, another sporting event needing to be postponed. K -2 please come to school as usual today. We will hold your carnival at another time.... Read more

Cricket Cancelled

Due to inclement weather, the Cricket match scheduled for today has been cancelled. Evan Finlay.... Read more

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews 2015 At our school we support the meaningful participation of parents or caregivers in the education of their child. The role that parents play in the education of their child has the potential to strengthen the support provided by schools in improving their educational outcomes. When schools and parents work together in constructive and meaningful ways much can be achieved. One of the ways that we encourage meaningful participation is in parent teacher interviews. These are held during Term 1 as a chance to share... Read more

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Back to School Picnic Cancelled

Due to the weather forecast for showers tonight our Back to School picnic has been cancelled.... Read more

Canteen Closed Wednesday 25/2/2015

Sorry for the late notice but the school canteen will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday 25 February. Please make sure your child brings recess and lunch to school tomorrow.... Read more

Whooping Cough

We have had a confirmed case of whooping cough reported in our school community. Information from the department of health is attachedWhooping Cough (pdf 58 KB)... Read more

WCOS Dance Group

This is a new opportunity for all of the schools in our Whitebridge community. On Monday 23 March students from the Whitebridge Community of Schools will have the opportunity to join a dance ensemble. There will be two groups if there is enough interest – a junior group Year 1, 2, and 3 or a senior group Year 4, 5 and 6. Thank you to Charlestown Public School for offering this fantastic activity for our schools. Full details are attached. Dance information (pdf 77 KB)... Read more

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Regular School Attendance

Regular Attendance at School "Did you know that if students miss as little as eight days in a school term, that by the end of primary school they will have missed a whole year of education?" At our school we want to have all of our students at school ready to start the day with our morning assembly. This is a valuable time for students to get important information about things that are happening on that day. What is educational neglect? •constant lateness for school •irregular or inconsistent attendance at school •continually missing school,... Read more