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Last updated 10:43 AM on 27 April 2015

It was great to see all of our students  and staff happy to have our first learning day for Term 2 this morning.

Thank you to our school community for their understanding with the changes that we have had to make as a result of damage due to the recent storms.

For most of our students they are in their regular class groups and class rooms.

The following changes have been made due to four learning spaces being not available due to water damage.

Sigma and Omega are in the library

Year 6 are in the technology centre

Year 5 are in Lambda

Year 4 are in Theta.

Students from Alpha have been reallocated. Students in Year 2 are in either Kappa or Epsilon and Year 3 are either in Gamma or Delta. This afternoon, I will be in the assembly area to assist parents or caregivers with the location of Year 2 and Year 3 Alpha students.

The laneway gate will remain closed until the trees have been removed and the area is safe.

There is a tree on the covered area near Iota and the bubblers. It has now been fenced off. We will open that gate this afternoon. Access for Lambda and Phi is down the pathway from our Administration block.

The garden near Phi and Iota is out bounds for everyone.

To assist with the safety of all who are on our school grounds, please ensure that you are wearing shoes and that non school aged children are under very close supervision from an adult.

Thank you for your continued understanding

Ms Jo Clews