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Last updated 1:11 PM on 7 June 2012

Star Struck is next week. This is the very first time that Redhead Public School has participated.

Thank you to Mrs Clare Smith (dance) and Mr Shane Bransdon (drama) who have trained our two groups to a very high standard. A special thank you to all of the people who assisted with the creation of the costumes - It was a mammoth task and your efforts are truly appreciated.

We have a team of 16 dancers and 15 drama performers.


Thank you for your support of Star Struck 2012.

The enthusiasm and energy of your students, the commitment of your teachers and support of your school communities is what makes Star Struck happen.

The Star Struck dance, drama, music and choir production teams have commended the preparation, teamwork and respect that has been demonstrated by all students during rehearsals.

Parent Information (pdf, 127 KB)Please extend our congratulations to your students and their teachers.

Email from Debbie Sullivan

Producer of Star Struck 2012