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Last updated 2:59 PM on 29 January 2015

Regular Attendance at School
"Did you know that if students miss as little as eight days in a school term, that by the end of primary school they will have missed a whole year of education?"

At our school we want to have all of our students at school ready to start the day with our morning assembly. This is a valuable time for students to get important information about things that are happening on that day.

What is educational neglect?

•constant lateness for school

•irregular or inconsistent attendance at school

•continually missing school, with or without explanations

•increasing truancy

•developing a dislike for school and a reluctance to attend, with inadequate parent follow up

•excessive absences inappropriately attributed to illness or disability.

Student attendance is closely monitored at Redhead Public School.


Attendance information (pdf 98 KB)