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Last updated 11:17 AM on 8 March 2012

At our P & C meeting on Monday night, Mr Mark Thomas, on behalf of the Redhead Community Garden group shared their design for the community garden which is going to be established within our school grounds between our  Beach Road and K rooms. The design is open for consultation. Key aspects of the design include:

The overriding element of the garden is that it is a place for like minded people to come together and share, nurture and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

·         Inspiration for the layout is based on the Nautilus shell, with 2 path systems essentially spiralling back on themselves. (The Nautilus shell is an example within nature of mathematical formula being expressed in an organic form. It is hypothesised that the shell has dimensions that are intrinsic with the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden ratio. There is a fair amount of cyberspace discussion if you care to discover more about this relationship.)

·         The path system allows for free movement through the space whilst providing a high ratio of edges for planting – this actually increases productive space.

·         Central to the garden is the pizza oven under a grape/kiwi fruit arbour with raised beds that double as seating. This area will provide welcome shade and a space to meet.

·         At the centre of the other spiral is another seat with what will be a ‘village meeting tree', similar in purpose as the Banyan trees – again as a space to sit and share.

·         At the junction of the 2 spirals is a ‘Message Arbour' where signage can be placed and principles of the garden outlined.

·         The common wish is for plantings throughout to be productive and organically grown (to the best of abilities)

·         There is an area for composting to be undertaken in a 3 bin system which will be backed and screened from the common path by another trellis arrangement for passionfruit and/or other vines.

·         Water tanks will be included, plumbed from the roof where indicated.

·         There is provision for seed raising, propagation and growing on with seed beds and a shadehouse. This will assist with the long term sustainability of the area.

·         Provision for tool storage has been provided near the bins and against the brick walls of the classroom. The windows and the air conditioners are to be left open and free.

·         Screening and sheltering the southern boundary is a planting of possibly tree lucerne or similar which can be grown and cut regularly to supplement mulch for the beds. Additionally green crops will be grown to supplement organic matter.

·         Pathways initially will be probably forest mulch or similar.

·         An area for experimental horticulture (such as aquaculture) has been included to provide for individuals' interests.


The Redhead Sustainability group website link http://sustainableredhead.wordpress.com/  will give more information and availability for you to make comment.

A copy of the design is included in the newsletter, on our webpage and in the hall.