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Last updated 3:11 PM on 7 March 2016

At our school we support the meaningful participation of parents or caregivers in the education of their child. The role that parents play in the education of their child has the potential to strengthen the support provided by schools in improving their educational outcomes. When schools and parents work together in constructive and meaningful ways much can be achieved.

One of the ways that we encourage meaningful participation is in parent teacher interviews. These are held during Term 1 as a chance to share information and develop learning goals for the year. Interviews can be booked online at www.schoolinterviews.com.au and use the code 5sgz4

The timetable for interviews is:

Monday 21 March

Omega K with Mrs Jan Vallin

Sigma K with Mrs Kath Williams

Tuesday 29 March

Alpha 4 with Mrs Arlene Web

Kappa 2 with Ms Melissa O'Donnell

Wednesday 30 March

Gamma 3 /4 with Mrs Christie Johnson

Epsilon 2 with Mrs Lisa Budden

Thursday 31March

Friday 1 April

Theta 4 /5 with Mr James McGill

Delta 3 with Mrs Lynne Church

Lambda 5/ 6 with Miss Samantha Vaughan


If you are unable to make an appointment on the day of interview, please phone to make an alternative time or to arrange a phone interview at a mutually agreeable time.