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Last updated 1:47 PM on 7 October 2011



The recent natural disasters in Australian and now the earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand mean that young eyes may view some disturbing images. This can be scary for young people.


Young children often have trouble processing information that they see and hear via the media – so exposure may need to be limited or at least vetted. The repetition of images and news stories can distort reality for kids and can be emotionally draining.


Everything is here and now for young children. One tragedy an become many many tragedies as it repeated on the news time and time again.



·       Talk about the events, but don't dwell on it.

·       Take your cue from your kids – you know them best and this will help you know them better.

·       Let them know that it is OK to be sad.


Kids generally move on quickly – but be sensitive to the fact that it may affect them just a little and may show through night fears or bad dreams.


I hope that these ideas may be of assistance at this time.

Ms Jo Clews - Principal