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Last updated 2:48 PM on 1 May 2012

Life Education - 7th and 8th May 2012


Here is a brief outline of the programs in which the children will be participating:


Clued Up - Healthy lifestyle, personal safety, safety with medicines, body knowledge and self-assertion skills.

Monday 7 May - Omega, Sigma and Lambda K - leaving school at 10.55am


Harold's Heroes - Environmental health issues, emergency procedures, individual needs for medicines and safe use and storage.

Monday 7 May - Lambda 1 and Phi leaving school at 12.15pm

Tuesday 8 May – Kappa leaving school at 10.55am


Mind Your Medicine - Safe and unsafe situations, medicines and consequence of misuse, peer influence and friendship, positive communication.

Monday 7 May – Gamma leaving school at 9.10am

Tuesday 8 May – Alpha leaving at 9.10am - Delta leaving school at 12.15pm


The Burning Issue - Short and long term effects of smoking, effects of passive smoking, laws, peer influence, and refusal skills.

Monday 7 May – IOTA – leaving school at 9.10am


Think Twice - Consequences of alcohol use and misuse, stay safe situations and refusal skills, laws controlling purchase and use.

Tuesday 8 May – THETA leaving school at 9.10am


The programs address many of the components and objectives within the NSW PDHPE curriculum

The students will be transported by bus to the Life Education Centre.


The cost is $8.00 PER CHILD.


Permission note is attached to the calendar.