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Last updated 3:59 PM on 27 July 2012

Education Week at Redhead Public School - NSW Public Schools Creating the Future

Education Week showcases the achievements of our inspirational teachers, staff, students, Parents & Citizens Associations and community members.

At our school we have a number of activities planned.

Monday 30 July at 1.40 pm

Olympics Day– our community is invited to join the celebrations


Tuesday 31 July at 11.30

Transition activity for Year 6 students

Our students will receive a visit from some Year 7 Whitebridge High School students, Deputy Principal, Student Well-being Head Teacher and Year 7 advisor for 2013


Wednesday 1 August

Soccer Gala Day


Friday 3 August

Redhead Public School National Tree Planting activities– during the day students will come out in their class groups to plant trees in the embankment leading down to our oval.