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Last updated 4:06 PM on 23 August 2012

Canberra Excursion Monday 27 – Thursday 30 August

The final notes have been given (copies are on our school webpage), warm clothing is being sorted and last minute preparations are well under way for this major excursion for our stage 3 students.

 Four exciting days of visiting the best that Canberra has. It is important that for this excursion, as any excursion, that if your child is unwell to keep them at home.

Everyone needs to be at school by 6.15 a.m ready to board the coach.

For the return trip we plan to be back by 6.30 pm. If there is a change, check our school webpage, or if you were at the information night, Mrs Michele O'Loughlan has your mobile and she will text you.

This year there are four teachers attending, Mrs Jan Audet, Mr Shane Bransdon, Ms Jo Clews and Mr Evan Finlay.

Thank you to the staff for offering to attend this excursion.Canberra information (pdf 188 KB)