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Last updated 9:46 AM on 11 October 2017

Our band is performing at Bandfest on Monday 16th October at Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Centre. We are playing at 9.20am. All band members are travelling to and from the venue with their own parents so we will be able to meet there at 8.30am without coming to school first. Please report to Mrs Rhodes when you arrive.  Please bring your instruments (case labelled with your name and school) and your music folders. Drums, keyboard, stands and chairs will be provided. There will be a short presentation at approximately 10.40am, after which you may return to school after being marked off by Mrs Rhodes. We aim to be back by the end of recess (11.30am).

I sent an invitation and a photo order form home to parents today. Entry will be $5 for audience members and photos will be $15. For child protection reasons, you will not be able to take your own photos inside the venue.

I would like to thank our parents for giving up their time and supporting our band by providing transport. Bandfest will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our students' musical talents and will be lots of fun.