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Last updated 2:57 PM on 1 March 2012

The Redhead War Memorial and Projects Committee have an exciting new initiative which involves our Year 5 students connecting with the history of the veterans who are listed on our War Memorial. 2012 is the commencement of a tradition which will continue for the next 68 years.

Each year, Year 5 students will be presented with a topic relating to ANZAC day to write about. This year the topic is 'What I believe is the spirit of ANZAC'. The piece of writing is to be completed at school, up to 450 words, but the discussion, research and gathering of ideas can be done outside of school time. Closing date is 23 March.

A perpetual trophy, which is an exact replica of the Redhead Memorial, has been created and will be on display in our Centenary Hall. Each year, the name of a veteran will be drawn out and the child who's piece of writing is selected as best addressing the topic will be engraved on a plaque along with the veteran's name and the year.

The veteran for 2012 is Joseph Redvers Grimwood who was a machine Gunner in World War II. He was affectionately know as 'Reddy" around Redhead.